Steel Tiny Home Frames

These Tiny Home Frames are a great base for the beginning of any tiny home.


Included Features
This Tiny Home Frame Includes:

  • Galvanized Wheels
  • 1/8″ Aluminum Fender Wells
  • Rubber Coated Black Frame
  • Side Riggers For Maximum Build Dimension

This Tiny Home Frame is a great base for the beginning of any tiny home. The 2″X6″X0.188″ main frame construction ensures your frame will stay straight while under the load of your new home on wheels. The 2″X4″X0.125″ out riggers give you maximum highway building allowance of 102″.

Tow-Tek’s approach to our lighting was “Why should anyone ever have to replace bulbs?” So we decided to use all LED lights all around.
All of our trailers include an electronic break away system that stops the trailer if it ever were to come off the towing vehicle.


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